About Arkansas Patriots

We are your every day, hardworking, dedicated Arkansas citizens who have taken an interest in the safety, security, and care of our local communities, cities, counties, and our great state as a whole.  We support and vigorously defend the constitution of the United States. We obey and support laws that govern our state with the bounds and freedoms of the constitution.  We are of every color, gender, race, religion, and belief… We do not tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind.

Most of our members are comprised of former law enforcement, military, first responders, and nurses, along with others with other individuals from the sales and information technology world, to the farmer, to the oil and gas field worker.

We attend local political rallies and protests in support of the first amendment right to free speech, but we do not tolerate the destruction of personal property, vandalism, nor personal threat to the lives or well being of civilians. We support and back local law enforcement in the event there is an issue that may arise where they would need the assistance of law abiding patriots like ourselves.  We do not counter-protest nor engage in any verbal confrontations with protesters.

We make ourselves available to our local communities for support during times of natural disasters such as fires, tornados, or floods, etc.  We have members trained in swift water rescue, natural disaster support such as the American Red Cross, and members who are able to assist with any need ranging from storm clean up to providing first aid, or providing security to areas for the sake of being a deterrent against looters.

We are a family of passionate people, standing strong and firm in what we believe to be duties as citizens of the United States, of Arkansas, that we should all be willing to take part in when the need arises.

For additional information on how to join or any questions, please feel free to send us a message at, or email our personnel officer at


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